FGVA Recruiting Program

COLLEGE COACHES: For inquiries about any of our players please contact our FGVA Recruiting Coordinator, Stephanie Martin: gma8004585@aol.com and/or our Club Director, Jan Class: jan.class.jc@gmail.com. Thank you.

The FGVA Recruiting Program is part of the services offered exclusively to FGVA active Club Program Members who wish to keep playing volleyball after graduation from high school.

The recruiting process can seem confusing and complicated whether you are the top recruit in the nation or someone who needs to make yourself known. It is different for each individual and for each potential college or university. The FGVA Recruiting Program will provide you with exercises and resources designed to help you and your family work through each step of the recruiting process. These steps include self-evaluation, record keeping, correspondence, and some understanding of the recruiting rules involved.

We are confident that by following the guidelines set forth by our Recruiting Program advisors, all qualified FGVA players can increase their chances of having a successful recruiting experience and, in turn, a satisfying college career.

If you are a high school student-athlete and a current Gulfside Volleyball Club Program Member that is hoping to play college volleyball, contact us at office@gulfsidevolleyball.com so that we can schedule a consultation and provide you with more details about additional recruiting services available.

Total Commitments


Since 2015
Division I


Division II


Division III




College Commits

  • North_Florida_Ospreys_logo.svg

    Madison Hammermeister

    2024, North Florida

  • Missouri State

    Breana Rives

    2023, Missouri State

  • Canisius

    Kalia Reisma

    2023, Canisius College

  • Newberry

    Carolann Hussey

    2023, Newberry College

  • Tusculum

    Morgan Willis

    2023, Tusculum University

  • New Haven

    Victoria Borton

    2023, New Haven Univ.

  • Tulsa'

    Brayden Hipp

    2022, Univ. of Tulsa

  • Albany

    Cassidy Bloom

    2022, Univ. of Albany

  • Southern_Illinois_Salukis_logo.svg

    Kelly Franklin

    2022, Southern Illinois U.

  • Florida Tech

    Hope Demerest

    2022, Florida Tech Univ.

  • Saint Leo

    Isabella Vellazquez

    2022, Saint Leo Univ.

  • Ferris State

    Logyn Green

    2022, Ferris State Univ.

  • Southeastern

    Emma Tuchbaum

    2022, Southeastern Univ.

  • Jacksonville

    Coleen Ziglemeier

    2021, Jacksonville Univ.

  • LehighMountainHawks.svg

    Emily Stewart

    2021, Lehigh Univ.

  • Tennessee_Tech_Golden_Eagles_logo.svg

    Emma Pabon

    2021, Tennessee Tech Univ.

  • notre dame

    Paris Thompson

    2021, Univ. of Notre Dame

  • davidson

    Isabella Perry

    2021, Davidson College

  • Florida-Gulf-Coast-Eagles-Emblem

    Skylar English

    2021, Florida Gulf Coast

  • Lynn

    Isabella Gentile

    2021, Lynn University

  • New Haven

    Sophia Tabor

    2021, New Haven Univ.

  • St. Thomas

    Theresa Keegan

    2021, St. Thomas Univ.

  • Mount St. Vincent

    Isabella Garcia

    2020, College of Mount St. Vincent

  • Lynn

    Amie Bruton

    2020, Lynn University

  • Penn_State_Beaver_logo.svg

    Priscilla Medal

    2019, Penn State Beaver

  • Babson

    Laura Zuloaga

    2019, Babson College

  • Lee_logo_from_NCAA.svg

    Hannah Upton

    2018, Lee University

  • temple

    Gem Grimshaw

    2017, Temple Univ.

  • Southern_Miss_Athletics_logo.svg

    Piper Matsumoto

    2017, Southern Mississippi

  • NCCU_Eagles_head_mark_logo.svg

    Estfania Louis

    2017, North Carolina Central

  • Lander_Bearcats_logo.svg

    Sarah Sadie Davis

    2017, Lander Univ.

  • 1200px-Bethune–Cookman_Wildcats_logo

    Kortney Curtis

    2017, Bethune Cookman U.

  • Montevallo

    Skyler Sieber

    2017, Univ. of Montevallo

  • 220px-Simmons_University_Tree_Logo

    Jerene Harberts

    2017, Simmons University

  • New Haven

    Charleigh Crews

    2017, New Haven Univ.

  • Arcadia_Official_Seal

    Nicole Suarez

    2017, Arcadia Univ.

  • Emory - Transparent

    Hana Keith

    2017, Emory College

  • Berry

    Emily Hancock

    2016, Berry College

  • Radford

    Valerie Gonzalez

    2015, Radford Univ.